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Learn for Excellence: "for those who will go far!"

Learning Center in Salinas, CA

Operating Principles

Our operating principles are:

+ integrity

+ discipline

+ respect

+ excellence

+ responsibility

Integrity is the absolute refusal to lie, cheat, steal or deceive another in any way.
Integrity also means being true to one's values, without which little else matters.

Discipline means doing what needs to be done (homework, making your appointments) consistently – whether you feel like it or not.

Discipline, practiced consistently over many years, can accomplish amazing things. It is what enables seemingly ordinary people to play musical instruments beautifully, to run fast, competitive marathons, to learn to speak foreign languages fluently. Our disciplined learning center in Marina, CA is here to help you understand these concepts. Contact our tutoring center for more information.

Respect is treating yourself and others properly.

Excellence is doing your very best, to the utmost your ability allows.
Excellence does not mean perfection. None of us can be perfect.
Nor does excellence mean being the best in your [age, class, group, world, etc.
Excellence means striving be the very best that we can be, and this what is I expect from all my students.

Responsibility means accepting your mistakes as your own, not blaming others for them, nor making excuses,
and trying always to correct them.

At Learn for Excellence,we strive to follow these principles and teach them to our students.

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