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About the Program

Core subjects: Mathematics and English (reading and writing).
These are the most important subjects for academic success and gaining admission
to college. All students, especially elementary to middle school, are expected to take both.

By design, my standards in both math and English are much higher than schools. I
assign more problems, and more difficult problems, than do the public or most
private schools. They must pass spelling and vocabulary tests with perfect or nearly
perfect scores. My intention is that my students become the best students, anywhere.

We also teach students basic geography. This is done by spending a brief time - normally
just 5-10 minutes -at the end of each lesson doing "map," as we call it. The children learn about
the geography of California, North America, and the World. This has become a valuable and fun
addition to the math and English lessons. Almost every student I have, from the youngest to adults,
enjoy the geography part of our lesson. They are often motivated to finish their math and English
on time or early, so that we have time to do "map."

We also offer Spanish. Foreign language is encouraged but not required.

Grade levels: Both math and reading programs are for grades 1-12.
Spanish is from beginning to intermediate levels.

Curriculum: Our program is NOT dependent on any school curriculum. We have our own program,
and our own materials, which are MORE rigorous than in public or most private schools.
We help students with their school homework occasionally, but after participating in our program
for a few months,most students find their schoolwork to be quite easy. Our program is excellent for
home schooled students.

We are very much aware of the requirements for gaining admission to US universities,
and in fact our program is especially designed to meet or exceed these.

Teaching model. Our method is based on individual tutoring, which our experience shows to be far more effective
than the traditional classroom model used in schools. This is NOT intended as a something to be ADDED to school;
it stands ON ITS OWN. That is to say, if you bring your child to me for tutoring in math and reading,
I will teach him/her MORE efficiently and effectively than is done in school, so that you don't even need to send
your child to school for math and reading.

In our basic program, the students come into our learning center twice a week for one hour. They receive
personal instruction, and homework based on their own personal level. Students are required to make progress,
but at their own pace (within reason).

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